CosmicCast Episode 4 “Trouble”

Welcome back to CosmicCast! In this episode, we have a guest named Anthony join us. Norm, Phantom, Thesso, Jarek, & Lyx talk about trouble, Twitch plays pokemon and Ogie comes back!


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How to make Pokemon layouts w/PhotoShop

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Dumb SEO Questions 58

Cuetimes below. Read more and comment on individual questions at
00:01:38 = What does this warning means in webmaster tools?
00:03:03 = Backlinks for blogs? Any good ideas?
00:06:07 = Any thoughts on designing a mobile website? Anyone have experience w/ responsive design?
00:12:48 = One of the directories I am in is being reviewed by Google. Should I be concerned that my website will be penalized?
00:17:05 = Hi everyone – advice needed! Our traffic has halved with no sign of recovery and we arent showing up in serps
01:15:50 = Play fair, Google+. 🙂
01:22:29 = What is Humming bird algorithm? What is the best way to stay safe from hummingbird algorithm
01:28:05 = If I redirect a page that lives on domain A to a page that lives on domain B, what will that visitor type show up as in Google Analytics?
01:31:19 = I have a question about managing social media accounts for clients within an SEO agency
01:36:36 = Question for all, anyone have any experience with this error photos?
01:39:02 = How do I appear on the first page of google with the `long stemmed` balloon symbol and address etc
01:43:29 = We was wondering if posting at sites with this URL structure will help our SEO
01:48:31 = Do you know the basic and the range salary for part time webdesigner + SEO and their job description?
01:50:01 = Here`s a structure question that really has me puzzled. Can anyone tell me what I`m missing here?
01:53:46 = Can anyone tell me how we can take leverage in terms of SEO from Yahoo Groups?
02:05:54 = I recently took on seo work for a client, I wanted to gather a few opinions
02:11:33 = How would i check or know if any website gone in penalty after Google update?
02:14:41 = Will Google penalize my website for having this other content?
02:17:58 = Wanted to know how much time does it take for the rankings to change
02:22:24 = How do I report this to Google? Can someone help me with that?
02:25:38 = I am looking for advice on SEO and back links for articles that I write for Infobarrel
02:27:18 = Lot of anchor text with brand name pointing to home page. Will Penguin kick in action or an exception?
02:30:31 = An SEO Question Related to Chrome Browser
02:32:10 = Does anybody have any suggestions on how to improve your Google Shopping products?
02:33:08 = Does permalink change will influence SEO?
02:34:51 = What is the best free backlink tool for website audits? Any recommendations?
02:35:19 = Is there anywhere else that has a tool that allows me to find top keywords searched online?
02:38:06 = This isn`t exactly a SEO questions, but is related, so hopefully someone can help
04:00:00 = What`s the acceptable percentage of links with same anchor text against overall link profile?

See more of the questions and answers which began these conversations at:

تحسين ترتيب موقعك في محركات البحث مفهوم backlinks و page rank

للإستماع و التحميل من الصفحة الرئيسية، برجاء زيارة

مظاهرات مصر 25 يناير 2011 ثورة مصر ثورة الغضب الهلاك اسرائيل الجيش المصري
حس الفكاهة في الثورة المصرية – BBCاغنية راب الثورة 25 يناير راب الثورة – جنود المسلمين خالد سعيد سيد بلال ضد الحكومة حسني مبارك اعتداء هجوم قتل شهيد شهداء تعذيب

جمعة الغضب جمعة الخلاص جمعة الرحيل لجان شعبية مظاهرة مليونية الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام بلطجية حزب وطني احمد عز جمال مبارك ميدان التحرير الجيش الامن النظام عمر

سليمان احمد توفيق اغنية الراجل اللى واقف ورا عمر سليمان حبيب العادلي البرادعي ايمن نور عمرو موسي ثورة تونس زين العابدين بن علي الحرية

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