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Jeet has created a product that takes care of the Penguin penalty that’s dragging your website down, and helps you rank again for the keywords that now seem impossible.

Penguin Recovery Jeet uses a super-intelligent, AI system to detect bad quality domains and backlinks to your site, and automatically creates a Disavow file that you can submit to Google to get rid of all the bad quality backlinks to remove the penalty.

This is the ONLY software of its kind. A surefire Painkiller-pill, that any webmaster would like to own.

Penguin Recovery Jeet Include :

Automated software integrates with Google, finds bad backlinks and creates a disavow file
Automatically gets the domains linking to you, fetches all backlinks and conducts an in-depth analysis to find out which backlinks are toxic to you. Creates a Google Disavow file that you can submit and get rid of the Penguin Penalty on your site.
This is a 100% automated product, that you can just run and it’ll do all the work required.

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Hearthstone: Quest to Legend EP. 1

Tucker begins his long journey to legend rank in hearthstone. Legend is the highest rank in hearthstone, and to show that you have made it there you get a card back.


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Backlinks and Link Sculpting – #seopodcast 150


If you can stomach the bad audio…In this episode we have a powerful algorithm cataclysm. We discuss backlinks, article spinnning and SEO. We also discuss link sculpting and it’s pros and cons on your SEO efforts. We finally discuss Search Engine Optimization in Houston Texas. The most popular Internet Marketing Podcast on iTunes. E-Webstyle provides Houston SEO

Part 3 Used Video Backlinks on youtube dominate on google,yahoo,bing ,msn to Create My Dream Life

Youtube Video can be a great platform to make money from your business if you know how to market properly.
It can also hurt your business if you do nothing but spam and piss people off.
The only way to become a better marketer is to surround yourselves with quality marketers and invest in the right products.
Thank goodness we have the right products and
Learn from these posts and start marketing the right way.

Luckily I have been blessed with resources that has helped me learn to build an influence and if this is something you have been looking for, watch this free video on how.
Part1,2 Read more :

Part 3 How I Used Video Backlinks on youtube dominate on google,yahoo,bing ,msn to Create My Dream Life


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Google Ranking Game Changer! Disavow Links & What it Means for Your SEO

Remember that “$100 for 500 links” deal you bought? Well, it backfired.

Finally, marketers can disavow the legacy links that are weighing on your search rankings like concrete shoes. Whether created by ‘black hat’-wearing competitors, or purchased cheaply offshore, those spammy links are triggering the ‘Penguin’ Penalty.

Join Alex Dunks, Senior SEO Analyst, and learn:

– How to efficiently assess your backlinks and decide which to disavow

– How this relates to this year’s other radical ranking changes

– How to leapfrog your slower competitors and own the top search results

How to Syndicate Your Content On The Internet And Gain Hundreds Of High Quality Back Links

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How to How to Syndicate Your Content On The Internet And Gain Hundreds Of High Quality Back Links

In this video I’m going to walk you though how I use Magic Submitter to syndicate my high quality blog content around the internet. This is a white hat method of SEO as I’m using only high quality content and submitting it to sites that are starving for high quality information for their users. Please check the video out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment for me.

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